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Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance

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Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance

Why are Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance important?

RBI is crucial for optimizing the operation and maintenance of industrial plants in various industries. It helps you to meet the financial, reliability and regulatory needs of the industry by improving your plant’s performance, availability and safety. It extends the lifetime of your plant by establishing a long-term testing and inspection procedure.


i.t.s helps to optimize your plant’s condition through a professional Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance program.

risk-oriented inspection and maintenance is a strategy for developing optimized, cost-effective inspection and maintenance programmes within an asset- and risk-management context. The strategy combines reliability and risk assessments with information extracted from expert judgement, physical models, and plant-specific and generic data. With this assessment, critical components can be differentiated from non-critical components, helping you determine where special maintenance measures need to be taken. We base our qualitative and quantitative techniques on internationally accepted standards and guidelines, and then individually tailor the solutions to your specific concerns