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Laboratory Services

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Laboratory Services

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Within our test laboratories, a diverse array of test methods are available to assess the response of material samples or completed components when subjected to mechanical, thermal, or chemical stresses. These facilities enable us to comprehensively evaluate materials, gauging their purity, identifying potential defects, and assessing their resilience. Through these meticulous examinations, we ensure that materials meet rigorous quality standards and are suited to their intended applications.

Why is material testing important?

Materials testing serves as a vital tool in comprehending and quantifying the suitability of specific materials or treatments for particular applications. Given the extensive range of materials and treatments accessible in the market, testing plays a crucial role in refining options and pinpointing the most fitting selection for the intended purpose. Through these assessments, we ensure that the chosen materials align with performance requirements and are well-matched to fulfill their designated roles effectively.

What are the goals of our materials testing laboratory?

Metallurgical raw material testing is conducted to guarantee that all incoming resources adhere to essential standards and regulations. In essence, an inadequate supply can compromise both the safety and quality of the final product. Additionally, it can lead to manufacturing setbacks and substantial wastage of time and resources. Ensuring the quality of raw materials at the outset is paramount to the efficiency and success of the production process.

What are the tasks of our materials testing laboratory within quality assurance?

Proof of the required material properties on the workpiece, i.e. quality testing, material testing on workpieces in use, i.e. material monitoring, determination of causes of failure when using workpieces, i.e. damage analysis.

Our material testing laboratory services in Krefeld:

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