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Installation and pre-commissioning

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Installation and pre-commissioning

Drawing from our extensive expertise in knowledge engineering, construction, and commissioning, we strategize and execute turnkey projects tailored to power plants, petrochemical facilities, and refineries. Our approach leverages our technical acumen and hands-on experience to ensure the realization of your project objectives.

Our scope covers a wide range of tasks, from providing consultancy in the design of construction drawings, developing DWGs (drawings), and producing P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams) to preparing deliverables and creating custom-designed structures tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle, including assembly, installation, pre-commissioning, and plant commissioning.

Our capabilities for construction, Installation and commissioning

  • Industrial Water Unit
  • Steam Regeneration Unit
  • Industrial air plant and Instrument air package Unit
  • Flair Package (LP, MP and HP)
  • Chemical storage tank
  • Gas metering compressor export Unit
  • Condasate stablization Unit
  • Sweetening gas, Dehydrotion and Ethan recovery unit
  • Sulphur recovery Unit
  • Solidification Sulphur Unit
  • Ethan Recovery Unit
  • Propan and Buthan Treatment Unit
  • LPG Storage Tank Unit
  • Desulphuriazation and Magnaformer Catalist of Arumatic Plant
  • Extraction and fractionation of Aramatik Plant

i.t.s benefits for you

With the collective knowledge and proficiency of our team of experts and engineers, we arrive at a meticulous assessment of how the plants are commissioned under simulated service and documented conditions. This analytical process involves a thorough examination of the plants’ functionality and performance in simulated operational scenarios, as well as a meticulous review of associated documentation.

Our accomplished experts not only ascertain the technical aspects but also provide you with a projected timeline for project completion. We pair this with a competitive pricing model to ensure that you receive optimal value for your investment. This integrated approach empowers you with comprehensive insights into the project’s execution, allowing you to make informed decisions based on both technical feasibility and financial viability.

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