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Mechanical inspection is the process of examining, testing, and measuring the physical and operational characteristics of a product or component. It can involve visual inspection, dimensional inspection, functional inspection, or performance inspection, depending on the product and its specifications.

What are the duties of our inspector?

Checks, visually and mechanically, the use of approved materials, devices, fixtures and equipment. Issues written notices of code violations requiring corrective action. Reviews proposed construction plans and documents to determine compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and codes.

Type of Inspections:

Our In-Service Inspection Service Include:

  • Inspection of Regular Maintenance

i.t.s conducts inspections in line with the detailed test procedures and to-do lists provided in the directives for regular Plants likeAir separation units, utilities in petrochemical plant, NGL plants, Nitrogen rejection plants, CO2 and Helium recovery and liquefaction plants ..etc maintenance.

  • Visual Inspection

Our experts conduct a visual inspection of the Plants to identify its status and basic issues affecting its ability to function reliably and safely.

Rotary Inspection:

Over the operational lifetime of machinery, reliability declines while operating and maintenance costs rise. The growing number of international regulations and multitude of machinery types pose challenges for manufacturers and operators.

Manufacturers rely on third-party advice for regulatory compliance. They also need support to ensure consistent delivery of products. Operators require third-party services for inspections, compressor, Turbine and Pumps certification services. i.t.s can personalise a well-defined maintenance and inspection programme to help you control the entire process while protecting you from risks and liability.

How can our machinery testing, inspection and certification service benefit your business?

Manufacturers accelerate time to market with our testing and inspection solutions, while operators prevent accidents with our education and awareness programmes. Our services increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction by avoiding recalls, breakdowns and downtime.

Other benefits include:

  • Optimizing performance – with expert engineering and inspection services that extend your equipment’s lifetime.
  • Minimizing risk – with our broad knowledge of directives, regulations and standards, helping you avoid costly recalls and reduce liability.
  • Improving marketability – by certifying them as per European directives as well as EN, ANSI and ISO standards to develop a trusted and reliable brand.
  • Ensuring operator safety – through competent third-party inspections and awareness training.
  • Gaining peace of mind – with complete support throughout the entire process, from planning to testing and operation.