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Material characterization

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Material characterization

Our Material Characterization Lab at i.t.s has a highly trained staff with deep domain expertise and a vast number of capabilities, sciences and techniques that include imaging, surface analysis, structural analysis, thermal and mechanical analysis.

Mechanical and chemical Testing

Our services range from developing methods and characterizing complex materials to performing deep forensic studies and providing scientific and experimental solutions. We also provide expertise that can spot anomalies and provide novel methods when traditional techniques do not provide the answers that are necessary to solve some of world’s toughest problems.

The i.t.s advantage

i.t.s can provide detailed information on the chemical composition of a material, which gives insight on its quality, determines its behavior with other materials and identifies any contaminants.

Our mechanical testing capabilities
  • Abrasion resistance testing
  • Bend testing
  • Brinell hardness testing
  • Rockwell hardness testing
  • Vickers hardness testing
  • Charpy impact testing
  • Compression testing
  • Creep testing
  • Elongation testing
  • Fatigue testing
  • Fracture toughness testing
  • Residual stress management
  • Weld mechanical testing
The i.t.s advantage The main advantage of materials testing by i.t.s is that it gives you an understanding of how your product will behave whilst in use. You will understand the strength or pressure that your sample can endure, therefore knowing its exact point of failure