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Failure Analysis

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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a pivotal procedure aimed at identifying the underlying causes of problems. An essential aspect of this process is maintaining an open-minded approach during the examination and analysis of evidence. This approach fosters a clear and unbiased perspective of the failure, enabling an accurate determination of its root cause. By approaching failure analysis with an open mind, we enhance our ability to uncover insights that might otherwise be overlooked, ultimately leading to more effective problem resolution.

Failure analysis investigation

The i.t.s failure analysis laboratory is dedicated to pinpointing the origins of failures and furnishing customers with valuable insights for resolving issues. Our capabilities encompass forensic investigation, engineering expertise, and comprehensive failure analysis across a broad spectrum of products and materials. Leveraging a diverse array of proven techniques and applications, we delve into the intricacies of failures to provide a clear understanding of their causes. This enables us to offer tailored solutions that assist our clients in overcoming challenges and improving their products and processes..

The i.t.s advantage

We employ our distinctive industrial forensics methodology to your project, ensuring a thorough investigation throughout the entire process, starting from material selection to the eventual product. Once we unearth the underlying cause, we provide you with comprehensive results, enabling a deep understanding of the reasons behind the failure of your component or product. Alongside this, we offer recommendations for corrective measures and preventive actions to mitigate future risks of failure and enhance overall performance. Our approach not only identifies problems but also equips you with actionable insights for more robust and optimized outcomes.