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Client Stories

"We've been working with high motivation in field of technical inspection since 2009 and have success to run deferent industrial project in Oil & Gas and heavy equipment.

After gaining enough experience, we were able to establish a company (i.t.s) to work with fames companies and customers.

We are a fast growing company for engineering and material supply of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy industries.

i.t.s has greatly aided in the development of Technogym's supplier base and supply chain management functions."



Advantages with its

Global Presence: We offer services in 20 countries and, when services are required in an area where coverage is currently not available, we are able to adapt our resources in order to meet the request.

Experienced, Degreed Engineers: its staff represents your interests on-site and offers experience in a variety of industries.

Scheduling Flexibility: We understand the importance of meeting critical deadlines. We schedule accordingly, which often means accommodating last minute requests.

Timely Feedback: its offers online reporting, with detailed reports provided within 24 hours of completion. Our Database also provides scheduling and billing information.