Engineering and Consulting

We are a team of experienced and well qualified engineers having excellent track record in the field of design, instalation and inspection of Pressure equipment in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. We support our customers in field of design, consulting and construction by leading German manufacturers according to AD 2000 regulations or DIN EN 13445 as well as for ASME code calculations.


1) Calculations for pressure equipmen


 • Calculations for pressure vessels according to AD 2000 regulations and ASME Code, Section VIII Div 1 and 2
 • Calculations for storage tanks according to DIN 4119, AD 2000 
 • Calculation of rectangular tanks according to DIN 6625 
 • Static calculations for steel structures | Calculation of the load-bearing capacity and usability
 • Lifetime calculations for steel structures


2) Finite element methods and Computational fluid dynamics


• Linear and non-linear FEM | Structural Mechanics
• Verifiable proof of strength and stability (ASME, AD 2000, DIN EN 13445)
• Vibration calculations | Natural frequencies | Damage analysis | Fatigue strength 
• Fluid-structure interaction | Calculation of coupled systems (heat transfer)


3) Welding Simulation and Modeling 

• Weld distortion modeling and simulation
• Welding sequence and intermittent welding design
• 3D map of all stress components during and after welding
• 3D transient temperature field from welding          

About Us

i.t.s group is a German based company, focused on quality control inspections and factory audit services. At i.t.s, we are convinced that a shorter time-to-market gives our clients a vital competitive advantage in their industries.

Area of Expertise

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