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Our Projects Engineering(i.t.s)


Development of a resource-saving production and modeling system for Ghana Project

project goals:

Determination and Pipe Stress Analysis in cooperation with FGB company.

Development of a load model from the operational and thermal loads as well as the residual stresses by CAEPIPE.


Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance Checks for Booshehr Project (Iran Oil and Gas)

project goals:

Changing Compressor Pump Oil.

Checking the air filer element.

Replacing a Worn Compressor Belt

Routine Maintenance.


Piping Systems Inspection and Testing of Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company

Project goals:

our responsibility was the Construction and supporting by the Welding Engineer to ensure that the subcontractor is in fact effectively applying his quality system and obtaining acceptable results.


The following scopes are by the engineers implicated:

welding and material check has been check according to procedure.

Valves, Bolts and Studbolts, Gaskets, Pipe Supports, Seal Welding and Orifice Runs were also kontrolled according to check list.

The testing operation have been determined by the preparation of the testing systems. Pretest inspections are indicated in the project.



Our Projects inspection(i.t.s)









  Ceramic Sand Screen System

  Welding inspection, PT, Slot dimension check,      Marking and painting test

  Oman Gas Company

  OGC/08/2016 Non Mesc      Pipes


  UT, PT, Material test, Sampling, Dimension     control

  Heidelberg Cement


  Drag Chain/Pivoting Pan       ConveyorLow voltage motors 

 Hardness test, Magnetic particle test, Painting     check, Functional check

  Palayesh Parsian     Sepehr

  Parsian C2* Recovery &     Franctional

  Gas Turbine SGT-700/SGT-100

 String test, Core engine functional test, FAT,   Painting test

 CASALE  JSC NAVOIYAZOT Nitric   Acid Production Plant  Turbo Compressor Set  Leakage test, Hydrostatic test, Ultrasonic test

 Gazprom ONPZRTE

 Russia OMSK II

 STC-SV Natural Gas & Recycle Gas  Compressors

 Balancing test, PT, MT, MRT, Performance test, Hydrostatic test, Leakage test

 PTK Co.

V12 Naeen Gas Compressor Stations Project

 V12 Altosonic Flowmeters

 Calibration test, Hydrostatic pressure test,   Leakage test


Rabab Harweel Integrated Project

 Safety Valves #300 ASME B16.5

 Functional test, Seat test, Pressure test,   Painting ckeck, Final inspection

 Petrofac, Petroleum   Development Oman


 Stainless Steel Clad Plates

 UT, RT, PT, Dimensin control, Material test

 Dodsal Group

 TANDA Thermal Power

 Corrosion Resistant Pipes 

 UT, PT, Dimension check, Material test

 Total, Saipem S.A   France

 Total EPC Angola B32

 Bending Monorails

 Operational test, Final inspection

 Samsung Engineering

 SKIKDA Refinery   


 Electric Surface Heating System

 Final Inspection


 Najaf Conventional

 Vacuum pump

 Running, final and acceptanve


 BCPL - India

 Low voltage motors

 Type & routine Tests

 Vale Inco NL

Long Harbour Processing Plant


 Test run

 Flour and sasol

more dan 20 projects

 All kind af valves, comperssors,   pump . etc

 MRT, Performance and final test



 Tension Clamps

 Final Inspection

 Nardis co

 Samsun 12

 Pressure valve

 Pressure and leake test

 PETROBRAS   Cubatau 2

  Valve Skid

  Visual Inspection & FAT  

 GASCO  GASCO Ruwais 4th NGL


 Witness tests & document review
 Ilam petrochemical Co.  Ilam


 FAT Test
 Jindal  Jindal DL Plant at Angul

 DMDS Unit

 Witness tests & document review
 L&T India  MHN PLPLQ project of   ONGC

 Induction motor 

 Type & Routine Test
 Larsen & Toubro Limited  DDW1-EPC1A-GSPC

 PSA unit

 Witness tests & document review
 MAN Diesel & Turbo  Clair Ridge

 Unit stator

 Balancing and run out Test
 MAPNA TUGA  Industrial wardrobe

 Industrial Wardrobes

 Visual inspection & document review
 Modec  WS280

 Progressive Cavity Pump units

 Witness tests, document review





SMOE Pte Ltd


  Heat recovery

  Visual & Dimensional Check, Document



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