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Technical Inspection

i.t.s provides expert inspection teams for site and plant inspection in different industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical plants, Metallurgical and Mineral Industries,  power plants and special team for Drilling Rigs and its Components. 

The inspection services can be arranged in different stage of construction:

  • Operation and Maintenance of industrial plants
  1. Pre-commissioning
  2. periodic maintenance
  3. performance and acceptance test
    1.  Efficiency testing
    2. Measurement and analysis of Gases (H2, O2, CO2, SO2, NO2 )
    3. Measurement  of Pressure and temperature
  • inspection service during the construction and installation
  • Inspection of mechanical equipment, including turbines, compressors, pumps
  • Inspection of Boilers and Pressure Vessels
  • Inspection of industrial piping, welding inspection and welding operations
  • Inspection of oil and gas pipelines
  • Inspection of electrical equipment, including electrical panels, Power and distribution transformers
  • Inspection of Materials and measurement of alloys materials
  • Inspection of equipment, including radioactive sources like as level meters that is used in petrochemical reactors and tanks.


One of the most important challenges for clients is select a right vendor to produce the goods or equipment, that’s why we have this capability to help our client in field:

  • Pre-inspection meeting
  • Check and review of manufacturer certificates
  • Evaluation of suppliers and equipment manufacturers
  • Consulting for quality control of raw materials and general supplies