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Legal advice


One of the major challenges in industry is the Contract Dispute, Unilateral cancellation of contract & not adhered to the contract and obligations.

Our company lawyers are leading specialists in contract dispute resolution with many decades of experience. We are one of the best specialist contentious construction firms in Germany, and set the bar for other firms. The lawyers have a breadth of knowledge and experience that is not available in non-specialist firms.

i.t.s lawyers are also experienced in providing assistance to European and Asian clients carrying out works in industrial jurisdictions.

We will be at your service to start any contract, meetings, during production, after sales service. We will recommend your company of the consequences of working with delinquent companies and we will accompany you during the project according to contract.


Our team lawyers represent all roles within the industry, including contractors, sub-contractors, specialist contractors, consultants and developers:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy Projects
  • Oil & Gas